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Secrets to fantastic Educational Wi-Fi:

Wi-Fi is crucial tool within society, especially in the education field.

Good Wi-Fi plays an essential part of the campus technology rollout, enabling students to be engaged and up-to date with the most recent information, staff to function in their daily roles. 

Wi-Fi daily functionality is essential, with the use of phones, laptops and other technological  equipment in the classroom. School and University Wi-Fi functionality is crucial for the education industry. 

Is your Wi-Fi causing you issues daily and you'd like to know why? Could your campus wireless network design use some help? Do you want to know what you can do to improve your Wi-Fi?

Download our "Top 8 Secrets to Great Wi-Fi" eBook and learn how to:

  • Common interference that impacts your Wi-Fi
  • The top Wi-Fi security recommendations
  • How radio frequency design and access point density affect your clients experience

Download our eBook today hear about the most common Wi-Fi issues and how they might be impacting your classroom.