CIOs Guide to SDA Fabric Book 2 (Instagram)

SDA Fabric Explained

Cisco SDA Fabric is the future of networking, but there's a lot of new terms and ideas to get your head around.

Our eBook aims to demystify the key business outcomes and the technology of SDA Fabric, helping you to decide if Cisco SDA Fabric is the right fit for your business.

Download "The CIO's Guide to Cisco SDA Fabric", to learn about:

  • Key terms of SDA, such as Overlay and Underlay
  • High level technical exploration of how Fabric works
  • The business reasoning behind deploying SDA Fabric
  • How SDA Fabric has evolved and helps solve many legacy networking issues
  • How Zero Trust is implemented 

Download our eBook to learn from a technical and business perspective how SDA Fabric is revolutionising the field of networking.

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